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......@@ -44,12 +44,15 @@ fd_filter(DFD, "B", 3)
### Find index of element in column-list matching with a key using `fd_match`
```{r match}
# add new column
DFD = fd_add(DFD, "C", function(i) sample(1:5, 5))
# apply 'fd_match'
idMatch = fd_match(DFD, "C", 4)
# to check this:
# check with 'fd_filter'
fd_filter(DFD, "C", idMatch)
......@@ -62,7 +65,10 @@ fd_melt(DFD, "B", keep = list("A", "C"))
when two column-lists have the same length for each elements, we can melt in the same time
```{r meltDouble}
# add new column with element of same length between 'B' and 'B2'
DFD = fd_add(DFD, "B2", function(i) 1:length(DFD$B[[i]]))
# apply 'fd_melt'
fd_melt(DFD, "B", "B2", keep = list("A", "C"))
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