Commit fe161f5a authored by Virgile Baudrot's avatar Virgile Baudrot
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update mp4 change encoding

parent 14ab921f
......@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@ mod_tabItemLandscape_ui <- function(id){
footer_padding = FALSE,
p("In this part, you have to download the source file, the host file and to compute
or load a square frame including host and sources in the same spatial square."),
tags$video(type = "video/mp4",src = "www/maizeFieldMap_VIDEO_medium.mp4", controls = "controls"),
tags$video(id = ns("videoLandscape"), type = "video/mp4",src = "www/maizeFieldMap_VIDEO_medium2.mp4", controls = "controls"),
# img(src = 'www/modelScheme_item_1.jpg',
# title = "item1", width = "800px"),
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