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## Run localy Docker App image
Either downloads the artifact `briskaRshinyApp_*.tar.gz` or from the folder `briskaRshinyApp`,
build the Archive of the package `briskaRshinyApp_*.tar.gz`.
From the folder `briskaRshinyApp`, build the Archive of the package ` briskaRshinyApp_*.tar.gz`.
To build the archive, run command lines:
Then run:
R CMD build --no-build-vignettes --no-manual briskaRshinyApp/
mv briskaRshinyApp_*.tar.gz briskaRshinyApp/briskaRshinyApp_*.tar.gz
Then run (before move within folder `briskaRshinyApp/`):
sudo docker build --build-arg APP_NAME=briskaRapp --tag briskarshinyapp:latest -f Dockerfile .
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