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......@@ -20,5 +20,7 @@ Deploy-VM:
stage: deploy
when: on_success
- vboxmanager unregistervm --delete win10R4
- vboxmanager modifyvm windows10R4 --name win10R4
- vboxmanage unregistervm --delete win10R4
- vboxmanage modifyvm windows10R4 --name win10R4
# - sudo vboxmanage unregistervm win10R4
#- sudo vboxmanage registervm "/home/VirtualBox VMs/win10R4/win10R4.vbox"
# Windows 10 Virtual Machine + R environment
> create a virtualbox under windows 10 with R and Rtools + some dependencies.
> create a Virtualbox under windows 10 with R and Rtools + some dependencies.
## Principe
## Principle
We use a Vagrant box _GAEV/win10_ (from vagrant cloud) that is a windows10 professional test version with vboxaGuestAditions.
Vagrant create and provision (via ansible) the virtualbox.
After virtual machine creation and configuration, it registered as a new gitlab-runner (by replacing an existing one).
Vagrant.configure("2") do |config| = "GAEV/win10"
config.vm.boot_timeout = 600
config.vm.boot_timeout = 1200
# Configure Vagrant to use WinRM instead of SSH
config.vm.communicator = "winrm"
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