Commit 8abecd9d authored by Jean-Francois Rey's avatar Jean-Francois Rey

update R version for MAc OS and Windows

parent 2f6835bb
# For Mac OS and Windows use 'R' or 'R4' tags depending of the R version needed.
# Author : Jean-François Rey <>
- create
- tests
......@@ -83,6 +83,8 @@ Four Runners are availables for R Packaging in the shared runners :
* __R Mac__ : a Mac OS High Sierra with the current R and Rtools version.
Check _tags_ in [.gilab-ci.yml](.gitlab-ci.yml) file to enable the runner needed.
R tags is for R version 3.6.2 and R4 tags is for R verison >= 4.0.0 .
> With R version 4.0.0 the Windows toolschain have change and it's no more needed to download binaries of dependendcies as systems libraries.
This runners come with pre-installer R packages, R tools and system-libraries (bin and dev).
See [here]( for more informations.
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