Commit 41c5e4fe authored by Jean-Francois Rey's avatar Jean-Francois Rey

add data in docker file

parent f766de6f
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......@@ -130,6 +130,7 @@ COPY R/compare_slope_generic_plotly_f.R /srv/shiny-server/${APP_NAME}/R/
COPY R/compare_slope_generic_predict_f.R /srv/shiny-server/${APP_NAME}/R/
COPY R/compare_slope_generic_plotlybis_f.R /srv/shiny-server/${APP_NAME}/R/
#ADD R /srv/shiny-server/${APP_NAME}/R
ADD data /srv/shiny-server/${APP_NAME}/data
ADD www /srv/shiny-server/${APP_NAME}/www
RUN chown -R shiny.root /srv/shiny-server
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