Commit 37916603 authored by Jean-Francois Rey's avatar Jean-Francois Rey
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add package dependencies shiny app

parent 9da7d2c7
......@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ runShinyApp <- function() {
needed_packages <- c("shiny", "shinyBS", "DT", "shinyjs", "gridExtra", "png", "grid", "future", "promises", "tools")
if( sum(needed_packages %in% utils::installed.packages()[,1] == FALSE) != 0) {
stop('Install packages : install.packages(c("shiny","DT", "shinyjs", "gridExtra", "png", "grid", "future", "promises", "tools"))')
stop('Install packages : install.packages(c("shiny","shinyBS", "DT", "shinyjs", "gridExtra", "png", "grid", "future", "promises", "tools"))')
shiny::runApp(appDir, launch.browser = TRUE, display.mode = "normal")
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